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Based in Ufa, the technological hub for petroleum technologies and center of an important oil producing region in Russia, Alta Engineering exists to improve your production, optimize artificial lift, completion performance and achieve operational excellence. Alta Engineering was founded by a group of internationally recognized experts with 15-20+ years of experience in the E&P industry in markets across Europa, CIS, Asia and South America.

The team with support of a global network of consultants, has best in class performance of optimizing wells to deliver sustainable, long-term results. As regular participants of top international workshops, forums and conferences we are on top of the latest developments in artificial lift, flow assurance, sand control, wells stimulation and other areas.

Our services are customized for each customer needs and fit for purpose, we offer training, competency development, well monitoring, completion design, software and different IT-tools development.

Our goal is to provide an optimal set of state –of –art technologies for improvement of oil and gas production.